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We are a team of over 180 Doctors and specialists delivering programmes and training, entirely rooted in evidence, that support and improve the health and wellbeing of your staff. We know that every organisation is unique and that different parts of your workforce need different approaches. So, we work with you, as partners, to build holistic solutions that are right for all your people.

Dr Laura David

Founder and CEO, Smart About Health

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What we do

We are on a mission to get everyone ‘Smarter About Health’

Employee Resource Groups

We work in partnership with your Employee Resource Groups to…

Leaders Programme

Your leaders set the tone for your organisation and play a vital part…

Manager Programme

Confidently support their teams through health and wellbeing challenges…

Wellbeing Champions

Improving the health and wellbeing of all your people is…

Your Whole Workforce

Your colleagues will have different health and wellbeing challenges…

Working steps
How we deliver our programmes
Online delivery

Webinars, workshops, discussion groups, coaching, manager training

Onsite delivery

Keynotes, seminars, workshops, movement days, nutrition days, group coaching, workshops, discussion groups, classroom-style events

On-demand content

Interviews and podcasts featuring your people
and our doctors, Written content and blogs, health communication campaigns, video content


What our clients are saying

Fascinating topic, presented really clearly and simply.
The professionalism of the speakers and depth and breadth of knowledge
The subject was presented in a very relatable and practical way. Interactive but only to a limited extent which was perfectly appropriate for the format.
It was very interactive and I really enjoyed the demonstrations
Discussions were about real and important issues which we are facing at such times.
Honest, knowledgeable and useful advice about a difficult subject
Validating my feelings, fears and feeling less like I’m an outlier
Very informative and really easy to take in, even while holding a baby! Great level of info and very comfortable environment for asking questions etc.

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There is no one size fits all solution to improve people’s health and wellbeing. Contact us for an initial chat about how we could work with you to support your organisation.

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