What our existing client partners say about us

Caroline Turner-Inskip
Partner, Real Estate - Global Head of Wellbeing
“As part of our wellbeing programme it was critical when choosing a delivery partner to work with someone who understands our industry and our culture, Laura and the Smart About Health team have taken care and time to get to know Simmons & Simmons. As a result, the training and support they have provided us with is highly tailored, of superb quality, specialist and trusted by our people. Laura has given us great ideas and also challenged our thinking to ensure we deliver a truly holistic programme for our people”
Arti Kashyap-Aynsley
Global Head of Wellbeing & Inclusion
"Smart About Health emulates what a true business partnership looks like. They not only provide clear solutions and responses to the business challenges you are trying to solve, but also provide insight, differing points of views and challenges to ensure that the level of impact you aim to have is achieved. Our Mental Wellbeing Champions have loved being able to work with Laura and the team and definitely see them as an extension to our Ocado Family."
Olivia Logan
Global Manager
“The wellbeing challenges that organisations, employees and communities face are complex and require a holistic and human approach to addressing them. Smart about Health have done just that! The time they take to deeply understand the needs of different communities and their unique and collective needs has resulted in a highly successful wellbeing program for our Employee Resources Groups and its members. They provide nuanced, thoughtful solutions that are underpinned by the extensive knowledge and experience of wellbeing professionals. Additionally, they have created a robust learning program for our wellbeing ambassadors providing up-to-date and practical learning across all the pillars of our wellbeing strategy including mental, physical, social and emotional health.  We would highly recommend Dr Laura David and her team!”
Daniel May
“…We have worked with Laura and her fantastic team to deliver compelling and insightful events for our people over recent years across a variety of health and wellbeing topics including stress, sleep, suicide, Alzheimer’s, mental health, loneliness, kindness and gratitude. Each of the Smart About Health speakers were practicing clinical experts, we blended the clinical advice with personal stories from our people to increase connection and this has worked really well. Personally, I think Laura and her team do a great job delivering valuable wellbeing services to large firms, and she is a pleasure to work with…”
The subject was presented in a very relatable and practical way. Interactive but only to a limited extent which was perfectly appropriate for the format.
The Doctors are so knowledgeable and mindful of what they say. Great respect for that because they know what they're talking about.
It was very interactive and I really enjoyed the demonstrations
Clear and concise explanations and practical advice on steps to take at home
It was well organised, informative and enjoyable to watch and learn
Fascinating topic, presented really clearly and simply.
Excellent speakers, very knowledgeable
Helped me with my sleep problem. Put some of the ideas into action last night and slept better already.
It was very clear and to the point. The speakers did not dance around the topic, they provided the information we need concisely but also with professional sensitivity.
I particularly enjoyed the urologists’ topics, I thought these were very on point and were delivered by an expert in that field in and easy to understand, light-hearted style.
The Psychologist’s explanations were easy to understand and the practical exercises helped to embed what she was saying.
Very accessible and applicable to current thoughts and feelings, I really appreciated the practical strategies suggested by the psychologist and will try implementing them!
Honest, knowledgeable and useful advice about a difficult subject
Very informative and really easy to take in, even while holding a baby! Great level of info and very comfortable environment for asking questions etc.
The way that the speakers talked about our fears of approaching the subject of death with our loved ones. It is difficult, and it was comforting and reassuring to see the compassion that this subject needs to be dealt with and that with a bit of courage this can be done.
Validating my feelings, fears and feeling less like I’m an outlier
Actionable advice and recommendations. Speakers down to earth
The professionalism of the speakers and depth and breadth of knowledge
"The genuineness of the speakers shone through as well as the level of details and examples provided and the tools suggested. There was a lot of empathy and recognition of the challenge we are all going through however stressed we might be. Thank you so much for organising this."
Discussions were about real and important issues which we are facing at such times.
I really appreciate mental health getting in the spotlight. This was a great talk.
This was the right topic at the right time for me. I loved that it was backed by science.
Very helpful knowledge imparted by seasoned professionals. Would like to see more of these in the future! Thank you
Very good insights on the male specific issues and raising awareness for men to look after themselves
Extremely informative. Raised my awareness of a number of important topics.
Professional, personal and informative.
Clarity in thoughts and such things makes more sense when you listen to it from experts
‘You handled a difficult topic very well and also gave people practical tips on how to open up the conversation, handle it kindly and with empathy. I have personal experience of this in my family and with close friends. I have great peace of mind as a result and it helped with the grieving process.’
Duncan Kreeger
‘Laura came into TAB HQ to run some sessions with the team. Each and every one of was blown away by the quality and delivery of the day and I learned a lot about myself and a little about my team too. We spend a huge amount of our waking lives at work and we should all be looking for ways to improve our own environment and for those around us. If you ever get a chance to attend one of Smart About Health’s sessions you will be pleasantly surprised. Intending on getting Laura back regularly so that she and her team can impart some more wisdom on us. I particularly like that fact that’s its current and relevant and seemed to be tailored for our specific needs and concerns. Thank you very much Laura, see you again soon.’
Leana Coopoosamy
Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Specialist at Clifford Chance
‘Adapting to the current climate is integral to supporting your employees and Smart About Health's tailored webinars and clinical expertise have allowed us to interact with people on a variety of topics related to COVID-19. The most recent session was particularly emotive and a session which people may often shy away from, however, we feel it to be important to equip people with the tools and resources to look after not only their own wellbeing, but that of their families too.’
Dr Atul Arya
Senior Vice President and Chief Energy Strategist, IHS MARKIT
‘I had the pleasure of (virtually) meeting Dr. Laura David during the Unity Week organized by my company IHS Markit. Dr. David spoke about the work of her organization "Smart about Health" in a panel on dealing with difficult conversations around critical illness and end of life care for family and friends. Smart about Health gives people insight, understanding and inspire confidence to have these important yet daunting conversation with ourselves and our families about critical illness and end-of-life issues. Dr. David shared her experiences on how to handle the fear of death that is even more so at the forefront of our thoughts during COVID 19. I very much appreciate Dr. David's participation in our event and recommend Smart about Health to everyone.’