Bespoke Programmes

When it comes to health, we are the experts.

Our tailored programmes are delivered online or on-site, locally, or globally through seminar or webinar format. We also design healthcare policies and pathways specifically for your organisation.

Our aim is to create positive culture shift towards an open and accepting culture of health and wellbeing in the workplace. This can be created by focusing on proactive and preventative intervention at various levels, and with the right level of expertise driving this change

Our Most Our Popular Employee Health Sessions

Tailored to the needs of your employees and delivered as webinars, seminars and workshops.

Mental health

Our specialists:
Psychiatrists, Psychologists,
Sleep Specialists

Depression, stress, anxiety
and burnout

Perinatal mental health

Eating disorders

Understanding racial

LGBTQ+ mental health

Intersectional Mental Health and Wellbeing

Maintaining good mental health

Musculoskeletal health

Our specialists:
Orthopaedic Doctors,

Muscular, back and
neck pain

Practical advice for
desk workers

Bone and joint health

Repetitive strain injuries

Staying active whilst
working from home

Lifestyle health

Our specialists:
Sports & Exercise Physicians,
Dieticians, GPs,

Cardiovascular disease
and cholesterol


Exercise, diet and lifestyle
Cancer early prevention
and early detection

Skin health

Nutrition and performance

Nutrition for Cancer prevention

Personal health

Our specialists:
Gynaecologists, Perinatal
Psychiatrists, GPs,

Menopause, pregnancy loss,
fertility, Women’s Health Cancers

Men’s Physical and Mental Health

Advice for expectant and
returning-to-work parents

Baby and children’s health

Elderly care, dementia,
coping with grief

LGBTQ+ fertility and health

How We Deliver Our Programmes
Online delivery

Webinars, workshops, discussion groups, coaching, manager training

Onsite delivery

Keynotes, seminars, workshops, movement days, nutrition days, group coaching, workshops, discussion groups, classroom-style events

On-demand content

Interviews and podcasts featuring your people
and our doctors, Written content and blogs, health communication campaigns, video content

Contact us for an initial chat about ways to identify your organisation’s healthcare and employee support needs. Then, Smart About Health will create a customised package of corporate health and wellbeing support that matches your team dynamics, budget and business objectives.

Our Services

We Are On A Mission To Get Everyone ‘Smarter About Health’

Employee Programme

Creating an environment that enables employees to thrive needs to include a centralised and inclusive health and wellbeing programme.

Manager Programme

Organisations need to invest time and resources, with the right type of training, to ensure managers are prepared and confident to take this role on

Executive Programme

Focusing on creating a diverse network of individuals who are able to influence and inspire others in the company through showing their vulnerabilities with purpose.