Employee Resource Groups

Working with Employee Resource Groups

As part of our holistic, whole-person approach, we work in partnership with your Employee Resource Groups to co-curate programmes that are entirely relevant to their audiences – whether that’s members, partners or allies. Our team are hugely diverse, so we can also work closely with your networks to find the right experts to deliver programmes, as well as supporting different groups to come together to deliver intersectional content.

Topics could include: Neurodiversity, ADHD and autism, invisible and life changing conditions, safe space sessions on microaggressions, small trauma, menopause, baby loss, fertility, gender, identity and sexuality.

“The wellbeing challenges that organisations, employees and communities face are complex and require a holistic and human approach to addressing them. Smart about Health have done just that! The time they take to deeply understand the needs of different communities and their unique and collective needs has resulted in a highly successful wellbeing program for our Employee Resources Groups and its members. They provide nuanced, thoughtful solutions that are underpinned by the extensive knowledge and experience of wellbeing professionals. Additionally, they have created a robust learning program for our wellbeing ambassadors providing up-to-date and practical learning across all the pillars of our wellbeing strategy including mental, physical, social and emotional health.  We would highly recommend Dr Laura David and her team!”
Olivia Logan
Global Manager
Wellbeing and Inclusion

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