We help businesses be proactive about employee health

£0 Billion
Cost to employers
Mental Health issues cost employers £33 - 42 billion per year through absenteeism, staff turnover and presenteeism.
ROI as high as 8:1
ROI for early stage supporting activities are as high as 8:1. Smart About Health can help businesses.

In 2017 Deloitte reviewed workplace intervention for Mental Health in the workplace. They concluded that ‘whilst many employers offer reactive support, providing support at earlier, preventative stages of the employee journey may deliver a better average return on investment (ROI)’.

Employers need to make every effort to look after their employee’s health and wellbeing.

As medical professionals we understand the complex relationship between physical and emotional health. We understand it is not black and white. Our approach to employee wellbeing considers the real health issues people are facing, in the workplace and in life.

The case for ensuring every company has a strong and impactful health and wellbeing strategy ranging from proactive to reactive intervention is rapidly cementing.

Don’t just touch the tip of the ice-berg. Now, more than ever, is it essential to have a strong health and wellbeing strategy to ensure an inclusive, healthy and productive ‘people force’, with a sense of purpose and belonging. This involves a deep dive into health and wellbeing, and a strategy to reflect this.

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